"Thank you to the JTG foundation for helping our family when we were facing great expenses due to our son Mason being hospitalized for a long period of time away from home. We are so appreciative and blessed to know there are local organizations that are willing to help families in their time of need. Thank you so very much!"

Jake and Nicole Swiers family

Another great example of how The JTG Foundation is helping others is reflected by the Swiers story. Their life in Detroit Lakes was already hectic with a large and young family. When one of the youngest sons had complications from sepsis, a serious infection in his body, the doctors in their small town made the decision to transfer him immediately to St. Paul Children’s Hospital for intensive care. The costs of missing work in addition to driving back and forth between cities accumulated quickly. A donation from The JTG Foundation helped relieve the financial stress during this most difficult time.

“Donations from the JTG foundation came as a surprise and a relief to our family in a time of need. Added medical expenses on top of normal life expenditures become worrisome and stressful. Receiving unexpected assistance from JTG has helped us pay bills and not worry so much, allowing us to focus on the healing process. Heartfelt thanks from the Henderson family!”

We would like to share a personal story of how The JTG Foundation works. Cassie and her lovely family were shocked, to say the least, when they discovered that Cassie, the mother and wife, had cancer. Cassie and her husband had to miss a great deal of work in order to get her to doctor appointments, treatments, and surgeries. Their hours away from work affected their financial situation, and the entire family suffered.

This situation reflects the basic concept behind The JTG Foundation. Not only were there bills to be paid, but there was also a limited amount of time for Cassie and her husband to spend with their children to give them the comfort they needed. Money donated by The JTG Foundation helped relieve some of the stress that the family was feeling at the time.

Every little bit helps.  As the dream of JTG becomes reality, more money will be available for families just like Cassie’s.

"We are grateful for the donation we received from the JTG foundation. At a time when everything was overwhelming, this gift helped us financially and also reminded us how blessed we are to be living in a community with such kind and generous people."

With sincerest gratitude,

Cassie, Josh, & Family


The Stories

"Thank you to the JTG foundation for the donation we received. It helped us financially with funeral expenses. We are very appreciative to have received this gift at a very difficult time in our lives. We are fortunate to have a community with such kind people that are willing to help others during their time of need." 


Helping each other in times of need