With family still in my hometown of Minneapolis, living in a smaller community in western Minnesota lead to countless hours of driving. Along the way, I would stop for gas breaks, and I would read flyers for different fundraising benefits that were posted in other small towns. I gave money to many of these programs, but that lead to the idea to start a nonprofit to help these people on a bigger scale. 

The Foundation didn't materialize until a few years later. A few ideas have come and gone but the original concept has stayed strong. It is the concept that The JTG Foundation was created in order to help each other in times of need. This organization was set up for families and individuals who have encountered unfortunate situations in their lives that have resulted in the household to have a decrease in income. 

Since its conception The JTG Foundation has donated several thousands of dollars to families and individuals in need during times of unexpected financial loss. The situation may be secondary to losing a home to a fire or a family member being diagnosed with a medical condition where one or both of the adults need to take off of work in order to care for their loved ones. The situations are endless and the number of people in need continue to grow.

The JTG Foundation was established to help these families and individuals. In order to continue to provide support for all these people The JTG Foundation depends on donations from individuals, corporations and endowments. Please take a moment to make a tax deductible donation to The JTG Foundation so we can continue to help each other in times of need.Type your paragraph here.

The Dream

Helping each other in times of need