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Your donation is 100% tax deductible. All donors will receive a receipt for tax purposes. 

The JTG foundation is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)  |  Tax I.D. 47-3455669

Please contact for more information, questions or to make a donation  |  P.O. Box 1037, Detroit Lakes, MN 56502-1037  |  phone: 218 303 5849

Our establishments are in place to provide an enjoyable atmosphere, a wonderful meal and a pleasant dining experience, and more importantly to regenerate income. 

Through a fair and thorough selection process, funds from the JTG foundation will be disbursed back into the community and will continually help those who need it most. 

Helping each other

in times

of need

Living Room Bagel Shop

​Coming Soon!

Living Room Eatery

By creating establishments such at the Living Room Eatery and the Living Room Bagel Shop, community members can patronize these establishments knowing that the net  profits from their meal will be used to help fellow community members in need. 

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These devastatingly difficult situations are stressful and funds can be hard to come by. The JTG foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to people in the community in such situations. 

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Perhaps someone you know, a neighbor, a friend, a colleague has encountered an unfortunate situation. A job loss, a downward spiral in health, a house fire. 

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The JTG (just to give) foundation is an organization whose sole purpose is to give back to the community by helping those who have had incurred unfortunate circumstances. 

Helping each other in times of need